Shoreline Gateway Committee

Shoreline Gateway Presentation

Shoreline Gateway Presentation July 2023

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The Shoreline Gateway Committee charge will be to produce and articulate a Vision Statement for Route 156 from its intersections with Otter Rock Road to Breen Avenue along with a potential set of recommendations to preserve this important and historical area while positioning it for future generations to enjoy.


  • Evaluate the current economic situation in the Gateway region and identify the economic variables that impact the region
  • Revisit past studies and work done to date as well as work within the goals and ongoing efforts underway by the Community Connectivity Grant Committee, WPCA, the Sound View Commission, as well as any current activity in the area's commercial sector.
  • Reach consensus through an inclusive process, with sustainable solutions that meet the future needs of the town's residents, the environment, and businesses.
  • Recommend to the Board of Selectmen appropriate actions including a potential Master Plan for the area.