Solid Waste & Recycling Committee Charge

The charge of the committee is to provide the Board of Selectmen with policy recommendations in regards to Solid Waste and Recycling for the community. At a minimum this will include:

  • Review annually, and update as needed, the Solid Waste Ordinance, Chapter 139 of the Town of Old Lyme Ordinance
  • Investigate other means of waste management/waste reduction
  • Review any current contract for waste removal in order to be prepared with recommendations for the expiration of the current contract
  • Work with the current trash/recycling provider to collect data on waste and recycling amounts, fluctuations, collection schedules, and challenges
  • Review data annually and issue report to BOS and BOF
  • Work with regional efforts on Hazardous Waste Collection, and other regional waste/recycling opportunities
  • Develop and disseminate information for residents to encourage recycling and educate them on regulations
  • Provide information and educational forums with the view to improving waste management understanding/procedures and policies.
  • Recommendations for monitoring misuse of collection receptacles and enforcement policies
  • Review policy / system at transfer station on Four Mile River Road, with Public Works Superintendent and Manager of Transfer Station, as needed
  • Submit annual budget request to Board of Selectmen

The committee must meet all FOI requirements with respect to the posting of agendas and minutes. This charge may be amended as necessary by the Board of Selectmen.