Lymes Creative Arts

Lyme Creative Arts is a teen summer arts program created "by youth, for youth" as an initiative of Sustainable Old Lyme, Sustainable Lyme, and Lymes Youth Service Bureau.

Created in 2021 after surveys and focus groups of Lyme-Old Lyme students in grades six through twelve, Lymes Creative Arts delivers through one portal local summer arts opportunities for all Lyme and Old Lyme teens. Drawing, painting, music, and now pottery, are all part of the initiative to give youth a chance during the summer months to learn or build on an interest in art in a stress-free environment. Workshops and programs are offered at a low or no cost to the student so that the programming is available to all, regardless of socio-economic status. For programming at partner locations such as the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts, Lymes Creative Arts seeks to provide scholarships for Lyme-Old Lyme student participation.

See our Sustainable Old Lyme certification submission to Sustainable CT for an in-depth look at how Lymes Creative Arts was developed (PDF).

Find out the latest teen arts offerings at Lymes Creative Arts website