Nature in Open Space


Industrious beavers have created dams and ponds across America for thousands of years, benefiting a variety of wildlife species. Hikers traveling the blue trail in the Ames Open Space may get a glimpse of their local activity.

Wildlife Videos

Remote cameras capture wildlife activity within the Ames Family Open Space property. See deer, bobcat, coyote and other animals in video captures.

Cactus in Old Lyme

Where can you find cactus growing in town?


Opportunistic coyotes are found throughout Connecticut, including in open space properties. Read about how to avoid conflict with them.

Invasive Species

Non-native species alien to Connecticut's ecosystem, including within open space properties, can harm the environment and displace native species. Learn how to control their spread.

Open Space Commission Policy on Herbicide Use


New London County Endangered and Threatened Species

Habitat loss, among other issues, contributes to stress on wildlife. Open space and related greenways can help protect endangered wildlife. DEEP tracks locally endangered species.