Guidelines for Certificate of Appropriateness (CofA) & “Like for Like” Exceptions

Application Form for Certificate of Appropriateness (PDF)

Application Process

  • No building or structure within the Historic District may be erected, altered, removed or demolished until a Certificate of Appropriateness has been granted by the Historic District Commission.
  • The CofA is necessary whether or not a building permit is required. There are exceptions, known as "Like for Like."

A CofA is required for the following as outlined in the Historic District Handbook. The Handbook may be downloaded from the link above or obtained at Town Hall.

  • Signage
  • Fences and stone walls, driveways and walkways, benches and planters
  • Exterior lighting
  • Oil and propane tanks, and air conditioners - must be screened with plantings, shrubs, or lattice
  • New buildings, demolition, additions, or exterior alteration of a building (siding, windows, etc.)
  • Roof replacement if there is a change in materials
  • Sculpture, skylights, TV dishes, solar panels, swimming pools
  • Handicapped access ramps
  • You can obtain a CofA application form from the Building Department at Town Hall or download it from the Forms section of the HDC Web page. The form may be dropped off at Town Hall or mailed. You may also send it to the HDC.
  • Upon receiving a formal application, the HDC will schedule a public hearing and publish a legal notice of the hearing in a local newspaper. To permit time for publication, all applications must be received at Town Hall 3 weeks prior to the HDC meeting date.
  • Relevant supporting material should include: dimensioned scale drawings, specifications, photographs of the existing site, a site plan, and samples or descriptions of materials.
  • The HDC has 65 days from the date that the formal application is received in which to render its decision.
  • A CofA is not required for paint colors, or for repair or replacement of previously existing features when the new is the same as the old with respect to form, size, material, and lettering on signs (Like for Like). If this applies to your project, please fill out the "Like for Like" form (PDF) and drop it off at Town Hall or mail or email it to the HDC. Additional details may be found in the Historic District Handbook. Please send a message to the Commission with any questions or concerns to the Historic District Commission contact form.
Hiram G Marvin