Board of Assessment Appeals

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The Board of Assessment Appeals continues its traditional function: hearing applications from taxpayers who wish to challenge the town's assessment of real estate, personal property or motor vehicles. 

Members of the Board are elected taxpayers who meet with all applicants who believe their property is incorrectly assessed. At the scheduled meeting with the Board, applicants state the reasons for challenging the assessment of the subject property, opinion of value, and should present any relevant information to support their positions. After the necessary physical inspection of the property, the Board votes and sends written notice of its actions to each applicant and the Assessor.

Appeals regarding the assessment of motor vehicles takes place in September. As the statutes currently provide, appeals concerning all other property ( real estate and personal property) must be requested in writing by February 20th, hearings will be scheduled in March. Applications* will be made available after the signing of each Grand List traditionally January 31, at the opening of the application time frame. 

The Assessor's Office 860-434-1605, ext. 219 has information about legislation that may affect assessment appeals. The minutes of all meetings of the Board are available at the Town Clerk's Office, and meetings will be posted at Town Hall in accordance with State statutes.

Connecticut General Statutes regarding appeals can be found here; CGS 12-111 thru 12-119

Applications are only available during the appeal time frame Feb 1- Feb 20, 2024