Hains Park

Policy for Scheduling and Usage of Hains Park

Hains Park is owned by the Town of Old Lyme and is overseen by the Old Lyme Parks and Recreation Commission; its “general use” is restricted to Old Lyme Town Residents. 

In 2017 the Town of Old Lyme completed the construction of a new Boathouse in Hains Park to support the Regional School District 18 school and community rowing program, funded in part by a CT DEEP STEAP Grant. To comply with CT DEEP STEAP Grant Post-construction requirements, the Boathouse and its community rowing program will be open to the general public. Regional School District 18 has leased the Boathouse and is responsible for overseeing the school and community rowing program in partnership with its sub-lessee (Old Lyme Rowing Association, OLRA). The Boathouse is typically open from mid-March to mid-December. 

When the school and community rowing programs are in session, rowing program participants will also have limited access to additional park facilities that support the rowing program, and which are shared with Old Lyme residents: the Hains Park docks, restrooms, parking lot and driveways, and walkways to Boathouse. 

Hains Park facilities that will continue to be available only to Old Lyme Town residents (unless the use for a special event is specifically approved by the Old Lyme Parks and Recreation Director) include the playground, swimming beach, basketball court, and picnic areas.

The following rules and policies for Hains Park have been established to allow the safe and reasonable use by all park visitors:

  •  Old Lyme Town Residents: “general use” of ALL Hains Park facilities, except the Boathouse unless enrolled in a school or community rowing program.
  •  LOL High School: access to the Boathouse and related facilities solely for the high school rowing program
  •  The general public: access to the Boathouse and related facilities solely for the community rowing program. 

Scheduling of Hains Park Usage 

  1. All requests for usage of Hains Park (including a school or community rowing program) are to be forwarded in advance to the Old Lyme Parks and Recreation (OLPR) Director for each season of use (Spring, Summer, Fall) and/or special/unique single events (rowing regatta, etc.). A Facilities Usage Request Form (Attached) must be completed and submitted for approval 4 weeks in advance. The form is also available on the Town of Old Lyme Website and at the Old Lyme Town Hall. The OLPR Director can be contacted either by email parkrec@oldlyme-ct.gov or office telephone 860 434 1605 ext 235
  2. Each organization using Hains Park Facilities is responsible for designating one point-of-contact for the OLPR Director. For example; the Athletic Director for Regional School District 18 for high school rowing events, and the President of the Old Lyme Rowing Association for community rowing events. 
  3. The OLPR Director will respond in a timely manner for all requests for usage. Any scheduling conflicts will be addressed by OLRD Director, with priority consideration being given by season, event, and equity of use. Any activities outside normal hours require special permission and may, or may not, be granted, depending upon potential impact to residential neighbors.
  4.  Organizations not following the above procedures may not be granted access to the park. 

Prohibitions at Hains Park

  1.  Possession and/or use of alcohol, narcotics or unauthorized controlled substances.
  2.  Illegal activities.
  3.  Littering. 
  4. Parking in non-designated areas, i.e. areas other than the Parking Lot. 
  5. Posting of signs.
  6.  Dogs and other pets. 
  7. Smoking in all Town owned buildings and on Town owned properties 
  8. Vendors, except when community-based groups for charitable/and or fund raising purposes have been preapproved through the Facility Usage Request Form process.

Restrictions at Hains Park 

  1. The storage of boat trailers is prohibited, except when being used for transportation.
  2.  The gate to the Boathouse driveway must remain closed, except when trailers are being used for transporting boats. 
  3. Old Lyme Resident Beach parking stickers must be purchased seasonally for vehicles entering and parking at Hains Park. 
  4. Non-Resident participants in an approved community rowing program must purchase a parking sticker designating membership to Old Lyme Rowing Association (OLRA), and their use of Hains Park is limited to OLRA-sponsored programs or events. All stickers must be attached to the windshield of the vehicle and be visible. Drop offs or pickups do not require parking stickers. 
  5. All users of Rogers Lake must abide by the rules and regulations of the Rogers Lake Authority and the State of Connecticut DEEP. 

Note: Violations may justify a suspension or permanent ban on use of the Park, or prosecution by the Law.

Supervision of Activities 

  1. All teams, clubs, organizations, groups, etc. must designate an Adult responsible for the overall supervision of all activities. Supervision is from the time the group arrives until the last member has left the premises. Supervision includes following all Park rules and cleaning up after all activities.
  2.  At the request of the OLPR Director, Old Lyme Uniformed Police Officers or other paid Security Agents may be required at the users’ expense for activities where the probable number of people may be great enough to present a public safety, welfare, traffic or crowd-control situation. Off-site parking space is available at Town Woods Park. 
  3. At the discretion of the OLPR Director, the addition of Porta-johns, at the users’ expense, will be required when hosting large events.


1. The groups or individuals applying for use of the Facilities at Hains Park assume all responsibility and liability for any injury to persons and for injury to, or loss of Old Lyme Property in connection with the use of any facilities at Hains Park. The applicant must not hold the Town of Old Lyme liable for any loss or damages. 

2. Each group or organization using the facilities at Hains Park must provide insurance for personal liability coverage. Proof of insurance, type and amount must be provided to the OLPR Director, along with the Facilities Usage Request Form

Hours of Operation

Sunrise to Sunset