Sound View Golf Cart Rules & Regulations

Sound View Area Golf Cart Rules

Definition: A golf cart is defined as a low-speed, four-wheeled vehicle designed and built specifically for use on a golf course. No other recreational vehicle types are allowed (Polaris or similar road vehicle, ATV, UTV, etc.).

It is the responsibility of the golf cart owner to comply with all pertinent laws, rules, and regulations regarding the use and operation of a golf cart, including but not limited to insurance, liability, registration, and vehicle requirements.  It is the responsibility of the golf cart owner to understand all local, state and federal laws pertaining to golf cart use and operation.  It is recommended that you contact your insurance professional and discuss what insurance coverage is available to you.



  • Completed Registration Form (PDF), Release of Liability (Hold Harmless), Proof of Liability Insurance and payment of the annual fee
  • Required for owners of golf carts registering in the Sound View Area

Equipment Verification

All Golf Carts must be equipped with the following (no exceptions):

  • Locking Brake
  • Main Power Switch
  • Headlights
  • Brake Lights
  • Turn Signals
  • Seatbelts/Passenger safety restraints for all rear-facing passengers
  • Windshield
  • Front and rear reflectors
  • Horn
  • Rearview Mirror
  • ID Plate and/or Decal and Flag (issued upon successful equipment verification)


  • Restricted to operators with a valid and current motor vehicle operator’s license; no learner permits
  • Must adhere to all Connecticut State statutes and Local regulations, especially Connecticut General Statue Sections 14-300g, Section 14-227a, and speed limits
  • Golf Cart Owners and Operators will be held fully responsible for any and all damages that are caused by the use or misuse of the golf cart by the Owner, Operator or their guests
    • The Owner of the golf cart, as noted in the Registration Section, will be required to sign a Release of Liability (Hold Harmless) Document in favor of the Sound View Commission and Town of Old Lyme
    • The Town of Old Lyme and the Sound View Commission members, agents, employees or representatives shall not be responsible or liable in any way, to anyone, in connection with the existence, operation or use in the Sound View Area of any privately owned golf cart
  • No towing of any items or objects. Golf carts must adhere to all parking regulations set forth by the Town of Old Lyme
  • Permission to operate a privately-owned golf cart within the Sound View Area is a non-transferable and non-assignable personal privilege
  • Access to Sound View Area roads from adjacent beach communities must be through Pond Road from the West or Hartung Place from the East
  • No operation on or across Route 156 (Shore Road)

Driving on any beach is strictly prohibited and subject to towing at the owner’s expense and penalties as provided by law, ordinance or regulation.

Golf Cart Use Regulations

Sound View Jurisdiction Area

Town-owned Roads:

  • Hartford Avenue
  • Hartford Avenue Extension
  • Portland Avenue
  • Portland Avenue Extension
  • Swan Avenue
  • Swan Avenue Extension
  • Bocce Lane
  • Martino Road
  • North Lane
  • Cottage Lane
  • Sound View Avenue (AKA Old Colony Road Extension)
  • Pond Road (Hartford to Portland Only)

Jurisdiction & Authority

The Town of Old Lyme Board of Selectmen (BOS) is the Legal Traffic Authority for the Town of Old Lyme, Connecticut, and is empowered to be so by the laws of the State of Connecticut and the town of Old Lyme.


The Town of Old Lyme BOS hereby permits and authorizes the use of golf carts within the Sound View Area in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes Section 14-300g with additional stipulations and conditions.


The following conditions pertaining to all golf cart registrations must be satisfied in order for the operation of golf carts within the Sound View Area (additional conditions will apply as articulated in the Sound View Area golf cart rules document):

  1. Registration with the Old Lyme Department of Police Services through the Sound View Commission will be on an annual basis. All registration information is public record.
  2. A valid registration plate must be placed on the rear of the golf cart that is free from obstruction and allows the registration plate to be visible to the public.
  3. Placement of a flag on the left rear of the golf cart that, at a minimum, reaches a height of 72 inches from the ground and meets standards set forth in C.G.S. 14-300g. The flag type will be established by the Sound View Commission.
  4. Placement of a rearview mirror device.
  5. Seatbelts/passenger safety restraints for all rear-facing passengers.
  6. A horn in accordance with C.G.S. 14-300g.
  7. Registration shall be deemed invalid if equipment and safety standards outlined in C.G.S 14-300g or this policy document are not met.


The following conditions must be satisfied in order for the operation of golf carts within the Sound View Area - operators must:

  1. Possess a valid motor vehicle operator’s license.
  2. Obey all state and local traffic regulations regarding operation of motor vehicles including, but not limited to:
    • Driving on the right side of the road
    • The use of turn signals
    • Speed
    • Cell phone use
    • Obeying traffic control direction
    • Signage and devices
    • Town of Old Lyme and State Traffic Commission signs and markings
    • Granting right of way and license restrictions
  3. Not be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs in accordance with Connecticut General Statute 14-227a, et. seq.
  4. Not drive on or across Route 156 (Shore Road)

Registration Period / Fee

The Sound View Commission and the Town of Old Lyme Resident State Trooper shall set the fee for golf cart registration annually. Golf Cart Registration shall be valid for one year, from May 1 to April 30. Information regarding registration will be communicated to all residents by the Sound View Commission. The registration fee for the 2021 season will be $50. A separate fee will be assessed for all new registrations for the issuance of registration plates and safety flags. Registration fees for subsequent years' new registrations and renewals will be set annually.


Any violations of the Connecticut General Statutes regarding the operation of motor vehicles, or local rules, regulations, or ordinances, are subject to fines and penalties as provided by law, regulation or ordinance. (Effective May 27, 2021)

Contact Us

All questions regarding Sound View golf carts rules, regulations, and registration should be emailed to the Sound View Commission.