Emergency Management

Old Lyme Alerts

Stay inform by signing up to receive local alerts using the red button below.

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Road Travel Alerts

Check the traffic on 95 before you head out or stay informed of traffic conditions by signing up with CTroads. Click the logo below to visit their page.CT Roads Logo for live traffic conditions Opens in new window

Winter Storm Information

The Governor has implemented the States Cold Weather Protocol for the upcoming cold weather this weekend. If you are in need of assistance please dial the 211 Info Line. 

Information pertaining to protecting oneself against extreme cold temperatures: 

The Old Lyme Office of Emergency Management will continue to monitor the effects of this storm and will share information as it becomes available. Please use the red alert button above to sign up for Town Wide alerts to stay informed.  Additional information may also be found on FaceBook and/or  #OLDLYMEEOC.

Town Wide Alerts

Our Old Lyme Alerts will allow us to provide you with important messages in the way that you specify - texts or calls to your cell phone, calls to your home or business phone, emails to your home or work. You tell us the best way to contact you, and we’ll do the rest.

Importance of Notifications

Our community has weathered more than our share of serious storms in the last few years and our Town wants to help you be prepared for - and stay safe during - any emergency situation.

  • Irene, Sandy, and Nemo left most of us without power for a week.
  • Our Emergency Operations Center ran efficiently.
  • The Respite Center at the Senior Center was opened for hot meals and electrical power for recharging phones and laptops.
  • Volunteers helped deliver newsletters and supplies to neighborhoods in need.

But we were not able to reach all of you with updates on conditions and we want to do the best we can to communicate with all of you when emergencies occur or are imminent. For example, we can let you know:

  • If a health crisis poses a threat to our community
  • If a fire or accident will restrict access to some neighborhoods
  • If we have been advised to take safety precautions
  • If our community needs to prepare for another impending hurricane or winter storm

Let’s work together to keep everyone in our community safe.

Local Public Safety

  1. Old Lyme Volunteer Ambulance Association

    Phone: 860-434-0089
    Old Lyme Volunteer Ambulance Association Website

  2. Old Lyme Fire Marshal

    David Roberge
    Phone: 860-434-1605, ext. 231
    Old Lyme Fire Marshal Page

  3. Old Lyme Volunteer Fire Department

    Robert McCarthy
    Phone: 860-434-6090
    Old Lyme Volunteer Fire Department Page

  4. Old Lyme Police Department

    Resident State Trooper
    Phone: 860-434-1986
    Old Lyme Police Department