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Flood and Erosion Control Board Minutes 07/19/2010
Old Lyme Flood & Erosion Control Board
Meeting Minutes
July 19, 2010
The meeting was called to order at 5:00 PM by Chairman Steve Ross.

Present: Steve Ross, Gary Smith, Steve Martino, Ellie Czarnowski, Dave Roberge - Ex-Officio Member
Absent:  Todd Machnik, Bob Chapman
Note:  Ellie Czarnowski will be seated for Bob Chapman
Guests: Dave Wheeler, Paul Rowean, Carmela Esposito, Ralph Dente, Stephanie Sacco, Patricia Lockwood, Dominic Esposito
1. Correspondence
Steve Ross stated that he had received an email from Doug Whalen of Old Colony Beach stating that OC Beach Association had approved the funding of the Sheffield Brook study in the amount of $19,000.
2.  Approval of May 17, 2010 Meeting Minutes
Steve Martino moved to accept the minutes for May 17, 2010 as presented.  Gary Smith seconded the motion.  The minutes were accepted.
3. Old Business
Sheffield Brook
a. Results of the Association Meeting(s)
Paul Rowean, (Old Lyme Shores) reported that the OLS Board had decided not to ask the association members to approve an amount higher than $19,000 to fund the study.  Paul would like to go back to the Board of Finance and state their case again.  Mr. Rowean wanted to take a look at what WMC could do with regards to cutting down the total cost of the study to $38,000.  OLS will not be meeting until September and Mr. Rowean would like to have more facts and figures to present at the meeting that might be helpful in pursuing funding from the Board of Finance.
As mentioned under correspondence Old Colony Beach Association had approved the funding of $19,000 for the study.
b. Discussion of options and alternatives developed at the last meeting
c. WMC response after review of proposal aimed at reducing scope / cost
Mr. Ross reported that WMC had taken another look at their proposal with regard to cutting back on the scope of the study in order to lower the cost and had presented a draft proposal.  Mr. Ross suggested that the FEC Board and the Beach Associations should look at different strategies in moving ahead and keep in mind that it is important to have an engineering study done that includes the specifics needed to apply for a FEMA Grant.  Some strategies to consider would be:
        - The two Beach Associations would fund the study in its entirety.
        - Apply for special appropriation from the Board of Finance.
        - Put off for another year with funding coming from the BOF and the Beach Associations
        - Approach the property owners who are most affected and ask them for funding.

Gary Smith and Todd Machnik will review the newest WMC proposal with WMC.  Mr. Smith stated that he believed the new proposal was too watered down and would not be acceptable when applying for grant money.  He feels that the original specs should be used.  Mr. Smith and Mr. Machnik will look to WMC to lower the cost of the study without compromising the data needed to apply for a FEMA grant.
Mr. Smith and Mr. Ross both expressed their frustration with the Board of Finance for not allocating money to help fund the Sheffield Brook study.  Mr. Ross is in favor of going back to the BOF with the information that Old Colony Beach Association has agreed to fund $19,000 and that Old Lyme Shores Beach Association is moving ahead with their request to their members.  Mr. Ross would like the beach associations to ask the 13 affected property owners to help fund the study.  If more funding is acquired before a second request is made to the BOF, this would present well to the board.
David Wheeler, (OLS) asked Mr. Ross if he knew how many property tax dollars are paid by the private beach property owners compared to how many tax dollars are spent on the private beach areas.  Mr. Ross will try to get these figures for the next FEC Board meeting.
Mr. Ross asked Mr. Wheeler to draft a letter to the 13 property owners aforementioned advising them of the situation and asking them for financial support in funding the study.  Mr. Wheeler will draft a letter and send to Mr. Ross for review.
4. New Business
a.Biscayne Drive / Miami Beach E-mails from R Dente
Mr. Ross reviewed the email that the Town had received from Mr. Dente, a resident of Miami Beach, regarding the flooding on Biscayne Blvd.  Mr. Dente presented a photo of the flooding and Mr. Ross reviewed the flooding issues to date in that area.  Mr. Ross included in his review that the Town Public Works was in that area today working.  Mr. Ross stated that it is private property and that even though there are flooding problems, the Town cannot not just show up and do work as it is private property.  Actions of some property owners have also contributed to the problems.  The guests were each allowed to speak to the Board and a long discussion was held.  
A study of the area was done in 1987 by WMC Engineering and it was agreed by the Board members that were familiar with the study that it is still a valid study.  Mr. Smith stated that the study done in 1987 was done in response to the flood of 1982, and the Miami Beach Association should inquire as to a price for updating said study.
Mr. Ross asked how many homes are affected in the area by the flooding and he was informed that there were 10 homes.  Mr. Ross asked Stephanie Sacco (Miami Beach) a member of the Brook Committee, to quantify the following for the Board; how many homes are affected by the flooding and how many areas could be restored back to water retention areas.  

Mr. Ross, in response to comments made by Dominic Esposito, reminded the guests that it is the responsibility of homeowners to look for solutions for problems on their property.  Mr. Ross asked Ms. Sacco to bring back to the board specific problems along with recommended solutions. Mr. Ross will contact WMC Engineers, the engineering firm who did the 1987 Swan brook study, and request a price on updating it.  
b. Discuss CGS Satute Sec 25-87 Assessments – TABLED    
c. Other New Business – NONE    
d. Comments – NONE      

5. Our next meeting will be on Monday, September 20 at 5:00 PM, town hall, second floor meeting room.  
6. Adjournment
Gary Smith moved, and Steve Martino seconded, to adjourn the meeting at 6:10 PM.
Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Ellen Garbarino

52 Lyme St, Old Lyme, CT 06371  (860) 434-1605

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