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BOF 10/21/2008
Minutes of the Board of Finance meeting held on Tuesday, October 21, 2008 at 7:30 p.m. at Old Lyme Memorial Town Hall.

Present:~       Regular Members:~ Andrew Russell, Mark Diebolt,
H. P. Garvin, III, Christopher Kerr, David Woolley
Alternate Members:~ Ruth Roach, Janet Sturges
Timothy C. Griswold, ex-officio, Doris C. Johnson, Finance Administrator

AbsentRegular Members:~ Wayne Devoe
                Alternate Members:~~Judy Read

Guest:  Bonnie Reemsnyder, Selectwoman
                Bill Paradis, Treasurer, Lymes’ Senior Center
                Approximately 20 senior citizens                
                Kim Morton, Interim Director, Estuary Transit
                John Forbis, Estuary Transit Board member
                        ~~~~~~~~~~~ ______________________________________________________________

Mr. Russell called the meeting to order at 7:31~p.m.~stating that Mr. Devoe will not be present this evening.  Therefore, a motion was made by Mr. Kerr, seconded by Mr. Diebolt to have Mrs. Sturges vote for Mr. Devoe in his absence.  Motion carried.  

Mr. Russell stated that the Lyme Senior Center budget discussion was omitted from the agenda.  Therefore, a motion was made by Mr. Kerr, seconded by Mr. Woolley to add the Senior Center budget discussion to the agenda.  Motion carried.

Lyme Senior Center Discussion

Mr. Paradis distributed paperwork concerning the finances of the Senior Center.  He stated that for FY2008, the Senior Center was $10,943.20 over-budget.  This includes $9,703.50 against a zero budget for Administration and Programs (payroll for the Senior Center Director).  His Bank Statement Activity Report indicates that the Senior Center has paid the Town $12,623.46 during the year for salary.  

Ms. Meyer stated that it should be noted that donations to the Senior Center are being used for the Director’s salary.   Mr. Russell said that all Senior Center expenses go through the town of Old Lyme.   Old Lyme is reimbursed b y Lyme 21% of all expenses and that revenue appears in the revenue part of Old Lyme’s budget.  Historically, the Senior Center Board has funded t he payroll and FICA relating to the Director and that is also reflected as revenue to Old Lyme.

Board of Finance Meeting                                                October 21, 2008

Mr. Paradis requested that the Towns of Lyme and Old Lyme add approximately $1,000 per month into the program line item and pay for the Director, rather than require the Senior Center Board to pay the salary and FICA.  After a lengthy discussion, it was agreed that there will be a meeting between Mr. Paradis, Mr. Russell and Mrs. Johnson to discuss the Senior Center budgets for FY2008 and FY2009.

Minutes of September 16, 2008

Minutes of the September 16th meeting were reviewed.  

There being no corrections noted, a motion was made by Mr. Diebolt, seconded by Mr. Kerr and passed unanimously to approve the minutes as written.  Motion carried.

Mr. Russell requested that the Estuary Transit request be moved up on the agenda to accommodate guests in attendance, therefore, a motion was made by Mr. Kerr, seconded by Mrs. Sturges and passed unanimously to change the agenda accordingly.  Motion carried.

Estuary Transit Request:  Estuary Transit provides Dial-a-Ride and Transit On-Call as well as a shuttle running from Old Saybrook to Niantic.  Ms. Kim Morton, Acting Executive Director, detailed the Estuary Transit’s budget stating that in FY2008 the Estuary Transit District incurred approximately $53,000 in legal expenses and $30,000 in settlement expenses directly related to the termination of the former Director.  The total unbudgeted expenses of $85,000 were more than the budget and the reserve account could handle, creating a deficit balance of $55,000.  The Estuary Transit District was able to decrease the deficit number to $38,000 by applying $17,000 of the 2009 unallocated town contributions; however this leaves the Estuary Transit District with no cash reserves.  State payments lag by three months, which is an ongoing concern to them.  Ms. Morton highlighted two scenarios of their request, ($38,000 and $50,000).  The $38,000 scenario would bring the Estuary Transit District to zero with no breathing room and the $50,000 scenario provides a little extra for the reserve fund.  Ms. Morton distributed a Town Assessment Distribution and a 2009 Assessment Calculation.  

There was discussion about the approvals of other Estuary Transit District towns and about the projected results for FY09 and the budget for FY10.

A motion was made by Mr. Woolley, seconded by Mrs. Sturges to approve $3,851 contingent on the Board of Selectmen’s approval.
Board of Finance Meeting                                                October 21, 2008

Chart of Accounts dated September 30, 2008

The Expenditures for September 30, 2008 was reviewed.  The Selectman’s office part-time wages reflects additional hours by a part time employee that became full-time. Quarterly postage hasn’t been distributed to the various areas as of yet.   The insurance line encompasses three months, including September.

Land Use dues are the CRERPA dues that are paid once a year.  Parks and Recreation wages reflect the seasonal employees employed in the summer months.  The Animal Control fuel line reflects repair and fuel expenses.  A portion of the State Police overtime will be reimbursed for events such as graduation, etc.   There may be a reduction in the CRRA tip fee under Municipal Refuse Collection.  Recycling fuel reflects the high gas prices and increased activity due to additional collections in the beach area.

Budget Schedule FY2010

Mr. Griswold explained that the Budget Request form for the various spending agencies would be sent out within the next week or two.  The form provides the actual figures for FY2007 and FY2008 and the budget for FY2009.  Spending agencies will be asked to enter the FY2010 requests for each line of their individual budgets, as well as a lower section to provide footnotes for items that warrant explanation.  The Board of Finance Budget Specialists should meet with spending agencies prior to the submission of their budgets.  It is requested that the Budget Request forms be received back to the Selectman’s office by November 14th.  The five-year Capital Plan form requests capital expenditures to be listed in each of the next five fiscal years.

Old Business

a)  Info Tech Position:  Mr. Griswold read a memo dated 14 October 2008.  At a recent Selectmen’s meeting, it was discussed that the 732 hours that have been allocated to the
Info Tech position will not be adequate.  At the Info Tech staff meeting held on October 8th, there was considerable discussion about the Info Tech position.  The following areas of responsibility were discussed:
1.  Laserfiche:  To complete scanning of Building, Health, Fire Marshal and other Town departments, complete with approximately 7,000 large format items and scan Town invoices.  Assist with South Lyme property owner registrations (1,800 owners).

Board of Finance Meeting                                                October 21, 2008

2.  Web management and maintenance:  Keep Town website current, monitor FOI requirements for agendas and minutes as well as create links to other sites.
3.  GIS training and maintenance
4.  Emergency Management
5.  Disaster Recovery (Continuity of Government)
6.  Staff Training
7. Repairs and Maintenance
8.  Inventory and budget for hardware and software.

The Board of Selectmen voted to proceed with the extra Info Tech hours, as detailed in the October 14, 2008 memo, and the Board of Finance is requested to transfer the additional $10,500 from Public Works salary line.  It is noted the additional hours for Info Tech and the new part-time tax clerk will not overspend the salary budget.  In fact about $27,835 will not be needed.

A motion was made by Mrs. Sturges, seconded by Mr. Woolley to discuss personnel matters in Executive Session.  It was decided that it is a position that is being discussed and not a particular individual.  Mrs. Sturges voted for the motion but Mr. Garvin, Mr. Woolley and Mr. Kerr opposed the motion.  Therefore, the motion failed.

After considerable discussion, a motion was made by Mr. Garvin, seconded by Mr. Woolley to leave tax and info tech at a 60/40 split between the two areas.  Motion carried.  Funding for the Info Tech Clerk and Tax Clerk positions are detailed in the August 21, 2008 memo.

New Business

a)  Status of Business Manager:    The individual that was offered the position cannot accept it due to a new development at her present employment.

b)  Board of Education contract negotiations:  Mrs. Sturges has attended two short meetings and proposals from the BOE and teachers were discussed.  Next meeting will be on November 6th.

Selectman’s Report

The opening of Phase II at Town Woods Park and Town Hall Open House took place earlier this month and they were well attended and received.

Board of Finance Meeting                                                October 21, 2008

Soil test results are expected back from the bus barn parcel of landfill area.  The bus barn contract will expire in June 2010.  

The plan for Church corner has been finalized.  A neighborhood meeting is scheduled for November 6th and a Town Information meeting is scheduled for November 24th.  A Special Town Meeting to consider an appropriation of $600,000 for the project is scheduled for December 15th.  There is a STEAP grant of $425,000 to fund the project.

Bill Swords has announced his retirement.  The Town will need to find another personnel consultant.

Public Works has completed the road reconstruction and paving of the Wychwood and Nottingham Road area.  Swan Avenue, Bocce Lane and Martino Road should be completed by November 15th.

The next Board of Finance meeting will be held next Tuesday, November 18th at 7:30 p.m. at the Memorial Town Hall.

A motion was made by Mr. Garvin, seconded by Mr. Kerr and passed unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 10:50 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Michele Hayes-Finn

52 Lyme St, Old Lyme, CT 06371  (860) 434-1605

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