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Zoning Commission Minutes Public Hearing 09/12/2016

Monday, September 12, 2016

The Old Lyme Zoning Commission held a Public Hearing on Monday, September 12, 2016, at 7:30 p.m. in the Auditorium of Memorial Town Hall.  Those present and voting were:  Jane Cable, Chairman, John Johnson, Vice Chairman, Jane Marsh, Secretary, Alan Todd, Gil Soucie, Stacy Winchell, (Alternate) and Paul Orzel (Alternate).

Also present:  Keith Rosenfeld, Land Use Coordinator.

1.      Special Permit Application in order to make renovations to existing structure and comply with FEMA under Sections 9.1.3, and of the  Zoning Regulations on property located at 40 Pond Road, Lee Ferguson, owner/applicant.  

Ms. Marsh read the legal noticed as published in the New London Day on Tuesday, May 31 and Tuesday, June 7, 2016.  She also read the exhibit list for the record.

Jeff Flower, Architect, was present to represent the applicant.  Mr. Flower explained that this is an existing parcel of land with two houses on it, located at the end of Pond Road.  He noted that the property originally had four houses on it when it was owned by Joe Shea and there were many problems with the Zoning Department and the Health Department.  Mr. Flower stated that the old FEMA zone was Elevation 11 and the current zone is V13.  He noted that they plan to do several things on the property, all of which will make it more conforming.  He explained that the house was raised on pilings at some point in time and has breakaway walls that do not comply with FEMA.  Mr. Flower stated that there is an electrical meter that does not meet the requirements, amongst other things.  He pointed out that the map they are all looking at is the current conditions on the site.  

Mr. Flower stated that they are only renovating one of the houses at this time, along with installing new septic systems for which they have approval.  He explained that they are going to tear out the septic system which is a combined cesspool and tank and a leaching field.  Mr. Flower stated that the originals four houses were built in the 1920’s.  He explained that they would like to enclose the existing stair which will remain a stair, provide a mechanical room that is conforming.  He noted that they are removing a portion of the existing deck to make it the same distance all the way across.  Mr. Flower stated that on the second floor there is an existing deck and they would like to remove that and rebuild a first floor concrete deck.  He explained that they will install legal breakaway.  Mr. Flower stated that they are trying to make everything on the lot more conforming and create a record that is clear.  Mr. Flower reiterated that they are fixing the supports on the house but not raising it; it will remain Elevation 13.6.

Chairman Cable questioned whether the house was legally raised.  Mr. Flower replied that the Zoning Board of Appeals granted a variance to raise the house.  He explained that underneath the house they will be removing some cross braces and installing steel beams so that they can park cars and store kayaks underneath.  He noted that the ground underneath will be sand.   

Mr. Flower noted that the net coverage on the property decreases by 100 square feet.  He stated that they want to raise the area near the gate approximately two feet and it will be all breakaway because it is sand.  He noted that FEMA does not allow concrete retaining walls greater than a few inches high.

Mr. Flower stated that the house they are renovating is a year round home where the other house on the property is not.

Chairman Cable questioned whether sewers are proposed for Miami Beach.  Mr. Flower noted that they are scheduled for 2017 but construction could take another three years.  He noted that Mr. Ferguson will hook up to the sewer when it does come through.

It was noted that the lot is nonconforming.  Mr. Flower stated that they are reducing coverage and floor area.  Ms. Marsh questioned whether there are any outstanding zoning violations.  Mr. Rosenfeld stated that there are not any that he is aware of and he did review the file.

Ms. Marsh questioned whether any exterior lighting would be added.  Mr. Flower stated that they may put a light above the front door but there will be no spotlights.

No one present spoke in favor of or against this application.  Hearing no further comments, Chairman Cable asked for a motion to close this Public Hearing.

A motion was made by John Johnson, seconded by Gil Soucie and voted unanimously to close the Public Hearing on the Special Permit for 40 Pond Road.  

Chairman Cable adjourned the Public Hearing at 7:35 p.m.


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