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Boathouse/Hains Park Improvement Committee
Please note that during the final Code review with the Building Official and Fire Marshal on 30 Oct 14, the need to comply with Educational occupancy requirements was identified for the first time in the design process.  The current design cannot be made to comply with those requirements in a cost effective manner. Therefore, the current bid process is cancelled. The Project will be modified with drawings reissued at a later date.
The $50.00 document fees will be refunded to those bidders who already picked up the bid documents.  The Pre-bid Meeting Attendees are provided as discussed.
Thank you for your interest in the Project; we will notify each of you when the bid process is restarted.

Boathouse and Hains Park Improvement Committee Charge (BHPIC)

The charge of the committee is to oversee the expansion of the Boathouse and Hains Park Improvements as supported by the recent STEAP grant award.

At a minimum this will include:
  • developing an RFQ for Architect or Engineer to develop Plans and Designs of the boathouse, docks and landscaping associated with the expansion and park improvements
  • advertising the RFQ
  • interviewing respondents and selecting a firm
  • developing the scope of work
  • negotiating the cost of services based on scope of work
  • plan public information sessions as needed.
  • approving final plans and designs of boathouse
  • overseeing the bid process
  • overseeing the construction of the project to completion
  • abide by the requirements of the STEAP grant
  • other necessary tasks as needed
The committee must meet all FOI requirements with respect to the posting of agendas and minutes. The committee should provide regular updates to the Board of Selectmen.

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