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Harbor Management Commission Minutes 07/11/2017
Meeting Minutes
The Old Lyme Harbor Management Commission
July 11, 2017


Regular Members Present: Bob Doyen, Robert Falaguerra, Ned Farman, George Finley, Bill Harris, Mike Mackey (ex-officio), Jeff Meinke (alternate), Harry Plaut (ex-officio), Steven Ross

Absent: John MacDonald, Mike Magee, Tom Meyer

Guests:  Keith Neilson (Docko)

Chariman Steven Ross called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.  

Jeff Meinke was seated for Tom Meyer.

a.       Clerks Report:  Approval of Minutes
Bill Harris moved to accept the minutes of Regular Meeting June 13, 2017 and Jeff Meinke seconded the motion.  SO VOTED.

b.      Correspondence
Steven Ross reviewed an invoice from Old Lyme Dock Company for repairs to the dingy dock.  Total bill was in the amount of $592.61.  This amount had already been approved by the HMC.  This invoice was given to Treasurer Bill Harris for payment.

c.       Treasurer’s Report:  Approval of Report for June 2017  
Bill Harris presented the Treasurer’s Report for June 2017.  
Beginning Balance:  $23,388.63, Interest / Dividends: $15.21, Receipts: $900.00, Disbursements: $0, Ending Balance: $24,303.84. The Treasurer’s Report was accepted.

Steven Ross moved to move Agenda Items NEW BUSINESS b. and c. to this point in the Agenda.  Robert Falaguerra seconded the motion.  SO VOTED.

Robert Doyen, a commission member, was recused from any discussion on the following two items.  b. is the Doyen property and c. is his neighbor’s property.

b.      Doyen – Revised proposal for walkway to existing platform
Keith Neilson from Docko reviewed the modifications made to the plan of a walkway on the property of Robert Doyen. The DEEP did not like the first plan as they did not want the walkway to go over the mosquito ditch. There was a second plan and at the last HMC meeting that plan was modified.  Before this plan goes back to the DEEP the HMC needs to sign the Consultation Form.  Plans were reviewed, and there was a discussion whether to act on this tonight or to table it.  The consensus of the Commission was to act on it tonight.  Under remarks on the Consultation Form it will be noted from the HMC that the HMC favors this concept because the walkway avoids the low marsh and provides a safe path over the mosquito ditch for people using the walkway.  

Robert Falaguerra moved to act on this tonight and not to delay.  George Finley seconded the motion.  SO VOTED.

c.      Rotola – Dock Retention and Modification – 1 Devitt Road
Keith Neilson presented a plan of dock retention and modifications to an existing dock on the Rotola property at 1 Devitt Road.  The present dock has been there for over 40 years.  He would like to submit an application to DEEP next week.  Steven Ross will review the drawings and Keith will take both Steven Ross and Ned Farman on a site walk this week.  

d.      Matters relevant to HMC at State level – Ned Farman
Ned Farman reported that the next meeting of the Connecticut Port Authority is tomorrow at noon at the Old Saybrook Town Hall. The applications for the Small Harbor Improvement Program have not been revealed yet but should be soon.  Old Lyme had not applied for this as it was not relevant to any projects.

a.       Member Appointments
There are two current openings for alternate members.

b.      Pilgrim Landing – Mike Magee
Negotiation with Rock River Assn for use of land to build additional boat racks
Steven Ross reported that he and Bonnie Reemsnyder had a discussion on this, and a legal agreement was being drafted between the Town and the Rock River Association.  Steven thanked Mike Magee for working together with members of the Rock River Association to make this happen.  

c.      Dinghy Dock – Mike Mackey
Cost of repairs were previously authorized.  This item was discussed under Correspondence.
Steven thanked Mike Mackey on getting this done.  

d.      Potential Public Access Site West Bank of Lt. River and Halls Road
Foot bridge across Lt. River - John MacDonald liaison with Halls Road Improvement Committee
There was nothing new to discuss.

Harbor Master Report Harry Plaut and Mike Mackey
a.      Status of moorings unclaimed that were pulled in 2013-14
There are five available to sell.    

b.      Harbor Master recap of activity since last meeting – Mike Mackey and Harry Plaut
Mike Mackey reported that 71 mooring applications have been received.  49 are all set, 18 still need inspections reports, and 4 are grandfathered.  

There was a discussion: In the case of a large (heavy) mooring, would an inspection done by a diver be acceptable?  The Commission has no problem with that as long as the inspector is authorized and insured to do so.  A policy will be established that anyone desiring to be an inspector in the Town, would apply to the HMC or the Harbor Master, and the HMC would have to approve them. The applicant would need to provide a document proving insurance. It was requested that Harry Plaut (for next season) send letters to each authorized inspector that they need to send proof of insurance to the Commission before the next calendar year. Harry will draft a letter and send it to Steven Ross for approval.

Harry Plaut gave an overview of activity for the past month.  He reported that he had issued permits.  He collected a check from Old Lyme Marina and a bill and a check from Old Lyme Dock Company.  Over the July 4th weekend he spent a lot of time on the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound.  There were several citations written by the police at Sound View to jet skis tied up to swim lines. Harry reported on a situation with a mooring he had picked up in the shallow water at White Sand Beach last fall.  The mooring was not marked and the owner was unknown.  The mooring was not permitted.  The owner has come forward and wants his mooring back, and admitted that he has never gotten a permit.  Harry asked the Commission how they would like this dealt with.  There was a discussion on what procedure to follow.  The mooring cannot go into the water until a permit application for this year, along with a $25 fee and an inspection report is received.  Harry will contact the owner of the mooring.

Harry reported that he has not received mooring applications from Mr. Garvin yet.  He has spoken to him a couple of times.  The next step will be to sticker the mooring balls, but hopefully Mr. Garvin will take care of this matter soon.

Harry reported that visitors from out of town are calling him about moorings for a couple of days, and don’t want to pay a $25 for a mooring permit.  He recommended that they call OL Marina and rent from them.  There was a discussion.  

Steven Ross requested that Harry Plaut deliver any checks he receives to Bill Harris within one week. Steven Ross requested that Harry Plaut check the DEEP regulations on mooring ball colors and pass this along to the HMC.

c.      Regulation for safety equipment on paddle boards
        No new discussion.

d.      Harbor Master Stipend not paid by DOT Update
        No new discussion.

Applications for Docks, etc.
a.      Plan review of Dock Standards – 8 years since they were approved
        No discussion.

b.      Doyen – Revised proposal for walkway to existing platform
        Discussed earlier in the Agenda.

c.      Rotola – Dock Retention and Modification – 1 Devitt Road
        Discussed earlier in the Agenda.        

Harry Plaut suggested that the HMC should have a booth at the mid-summer festival.  Members thought this would be a great idea, but too late for this year.  This will be talked about at a later date for next year.

Jeff Meinke spoke to Harry Plaut about a hazard (a winter stake on a mooring that is submerged most of the time) in the water east of Calves Island about mid-island.  Harry will need to sticker it first before he can pull it out of the water.

Note: Steven Ross had noted in an email after the June meeting that Keith Neilson corrected his statement made at the last meeting regarding the Kuziak dock.  “the boat lift will be at the pier deck height”.


George Finley moved and Ned Farman seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:09 PM.  SO VOTED.

The next meeting of the HMC will be on September 12, 2017.  There will be no August Meeting.

Submitted by,

Mary Ellen Garbarino (Clerk)

52 Lyme St, Old Lyme, CT 06371  (860) 434-1605

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